T.I "I'm Back" New Single off new album due out Aug 24, 2010

I'm BAAAAAAACK say's T .I in his new single. So what is he talking about in this hot out of prison smash street banger? Well first off he still got the guud, guud. He hasn't lost his swagga as brought out in his second verse of the song. He also seems to be addressing the current fad of skiny jean gangstas, trying to represent the south!, 'Good looking out on that one T.I. For one I can't stand skiny jeans ,waist of fabric but to each there own. So word is the album is dropping August 24, 2010 we will have to wait and see on that because in the music game there is a leak always around the corner...... It sux but hey the game is changing and this is soon to be nothing but the norm. Until next time watch out for new smash ups , my source is already emailing single snippets off the album , IF you lucky I may sample sum for ya ... €BRAND(n)BLAZE ENTERTAINMENT

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