Sup world, check out nationwide local recording artist Chop Balboa of Presidential Trap House. He is currently doing a four part documentary of himself. To get to know the artist we will highlight each one of his video's so you can get to know this major Oklahoma artist on the move. Hit the break for the video and more details.

Chop Balboa Tv

This is a 4 part Documentary Series giving you an up close & personal journey to the top with Presidential Trap House recording artist/Oklahoma's rising young tycoon "Chop Chop". This 4 part documentary series also gives you a glimpse at how a man against all odds "Chop Chop" has managed to continuously rise to the top in spite of haterism, chaos, and adversity, while making history in his state of Oklahoma.

For more info on Chop Chop visit him online:

http://www.chopitupdaily.com/ or follow him on Chop Balboa Twitter

Fimed & Edited by: Grindaholik Media

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