The Wrongguys team up with Mick Boogie and Terry Urban for there latest mixtape called Welcome To The Wrong Side. "Welcome To The Wrong Side" is the debut mixtape from Cleveland duo The Wrongguys. It is entirely produced by The Wrongguys’s M. Stacks and will feature a "who's who" list of MC’s in the game right now. "Welcome To The Wrong Side" is an accurate reflection of their gritty, street-wise sound. M. Stacks provides a more hard-edged style of production than that of his previous work. The mixtape showcases Skean's signature multi syllabic rhyme style with lyric topics ranging from Mafioso, materialism, braggadocio, to love. This mixtape is characterized by grimy soul samples, crispy drum loops, and creative wordplay. The project is presented by two of the biggest co-signers in the game, Roc Nation's Mick Boogie, and Terry Urban. It's powered by IM King Clothing.

The Wrongguys 'Welcome To The Wrong Side' Mixtape DOWNLOAD: Mediafire / Mixstream

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